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Longitudinal lockseaming

Longitudinal bodymaker machine is able to wrap metal sheets around an expandable or fix mandrel and lockseam the sheet’s ends through rollers carriage.

The process uses a self-adjusting wrapping table equipped with reinforced belts and an extrastroke device that guarantee a perfect contact of the sheet around the mandrel also in case for the irregular and polygonal shapes. Tools change 10 min.




  • Automatic loader of single or spot welded sheets
  • Automatic loader of double sheets
  • Marking devices for the sheets
  • Connection with other machines in automatic cycle
  • Seaming carriage for 6 mm width and for 12 mm width
  • Automatic regulation of the seaming carriage for different material’s thickness
  • Extra stroke of bending table for polygonal/irregular sections


Special version machine for silencers bodies from single or double sheets by using both longitudinal seaming process and longitudinal welding process: