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Brand new servo and full electric longitudinal lockseaming machine


COMAS s.p.a is proud to announce the release of the next generation of lockseaming machine with the introduction of the full electric technology and many advanced features which represents a huge step forward on the body making process.

Below some of the unique specification we designed and developed for this machine:

  • Servo bending table, it recognizes mandrel cross section to follow its exact profile
  • Compact and easy body rollers design
  • Wrapping belts tension managed by servo motors to make sure no gap is present between sheet and mandrel
  • Electrical mandrel expansion control (mandrel expansion and collapse ratio can be set directly on HMI under second password level)
  • Electrical mandrel blockers to allow easy setting and control
  • Servo sheet back stop for a quick adjustment by HMI
  • Lockseaming carriage with adjustable speed
  • Simplified mandrel changeover

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