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COMAS NORTH AMERICA INC. What we offer with our North American Service Plant

•  24/7 service and technical support
•  Emergency on site interventions
•  Spare parts replacement
•  Training of personnel
•  Scheduled preventive maintenance for each plant
•  Machines set up and adjustments
•  Assistance during start up production and launching
•  Machines/PLC upgrade or retrofit
•  A complete inspection of the PLC and software
•  Complete inspection of hydraulic system
•  Complete inspection of poka yoke devices (cameras, lasers, proxy) to ensure they are working on   spec
•  PM. Undertaken as per the machine manual
•  Training of appropriate personnel in setting of tooling and maintenance of the machine and tooling
•  Evaluation of machines parameters to make sure they are running it the most efficient way to   achieve target cycle time

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